How to Retrieve Canon Vixia G10 Video

Canon Vixia G10 is considered as one of the well developed Camcorder that offer optimum range of video recording. It’s class heading quality in shooting videos in both dim as well as in bright light with the assistance of HD CMOS Pro sensor will really add an extra wing in the filed of photography. Apart from that, the device also includes 32 GB of inbuilt storage memory. Using which, one can easily be able to store all their captured images or recorded videos. But, irrespective of all the advancements the problem of photo file corruption is still being there. So, what should you do next to retrieve Canon Vixia G10 video?

Reasons for Canon Vixia G10 Video Corruption

  • Sudden ejection of storage media i.e. SD card from the Canon Vixia while it is in use.
  • Corruption in memory card due to malware attacks, human mistakes.
  • Accidentally selecting wrong deleted option.
  • Storing video files on damage or corrupted memory card also lead to inaccessibility issue.
  • Problem with Canon Vixia G10 file system.
  • Hardware or software issue.

Now, in all such situations it is advised to stop using the Canon camcorder. Otherwise you may have to suffer a lot.

Way to Rescue Canon Vixia G10 Video

The most effective and easy way to rescue Canon Vixia Video is to make use of backup files. But, in case it is not available, then powerful Canon video recovery software is the best option for you. The tool has been well developed with remarkable features that enables complete recovery of video files. Apart from that, the Canon video recovery software also provides the preview of recovered files in a tree like structure and ask the users to select the location where they want to save the recovered files. Further, the best way to grab the remarkable features of the tool is by simply download its demo version.

User’s Guide to Rescue Video from Canon Vixia G10

Step 1: Download and install Canon video recovery software.

Step 2: Connect the Canon Vixia G10 camera to your PC and select its volume.

Step 3: Click on start Scan button.

Step 4: Wait till the scanning process gets overed. After that a list of scanned files are displayed select the one that you want to recover.

Step 5: After complete of recovery process a list of recovered file is / are displayed.

Step 6: Now, select the location where you want to save the recovered file.


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